Carbon fiber tubes are utilized across various industries for their lightweight, durability, and high strength.
They are customarily produced from 120C prepreg for aerospace, medical, sports vehicles, sailing, boats, and motor yachts.

Karbonfiber boru 20 / 22 L2000mm
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Carbon Fiber Tube Inner Diameter 20mm Outer Diameter 22mm Length 2000mm

Carbon fiber tubes are widely used across various industries due to their lightweight, durability, and high strength.

Aviation and Aerospace Industry: These tubes are utilized in aircraft fuselages, wings, rotors, rockets, and spacecraft. Their lightweight nature enhances fuel efficiency and performance

Automotive Industry: In automobiles, they find applications in car chassis, sports car bodies, brake discs, and steering systems, contributing to weight reduction and improved performance.

Maritime Industry: Carbon fiber tubes are used in marine vessels, sailboats, mast poles, and underwater vehicles due to their resistance to seawater and lightweight properties

Sports Equipment: Sports equipment like bicycle frames, golf clubs, fishing rods, tennis rackets, and kayak paddles benefit from carbon fiber tubes' lightweight and high durability

Construction Materials: In the construction sector, carbon fiber tubes are used for applications such as concrete reinforcement and strengthening

Military Applications: Carbon fiber tubes are employed in military equipment such as armor plates, helicopter rotors, aircraft components, and weapon systems. Their lightweight and high strength enhance military equipment performance


Carbon Fiber Tube Production:

Our carbon fiber tubes are manufactured using 100% carbon fiber epoxy prepreg.

Prepreg layers are adjusted for optimum orientation at 0° and 90°.

After curing, tubes undergo calibration processes to complete measurement adjustments.

The TG value of our carbon fiber tubes is 120°C.

Karbonfiber boru 20 / 22 L2000mm

Data sheet

Carbonfiber Tube Length
2000 (mm)
Weight (Kg)
200 Gr - 220 Gr
Fabrik Model
245 Gr/M² Twill
Fabric Metarial

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